Business Strategy

Custom A/B Test Landing Pages

We can design custom landing pages for your lead-generation campaign in split or variable (A/B) versions.  Implementing an A/B Split Test provides us measurable insight into engagement and conversions for each page, thus allowing us to refine a strategy for you that will yield the greatest ROI.

Sales Material Creation/Revision

This is one of our strongest units inside the firm as hundreds of businesses have turned to us for everything from sales literature, sales pitches and presentations.  We can create brand new material for you based on your criteria or revise existing material to make it simple, yet powerful to drive the message of your brand into the mind’s of your target audience.

Site Analytics

Our site analytics go much deeper than standard SEO that your current webmaster may be providing for your business.  We utilize our proprietary software to look into a number of factors that allow us to assess your current position on the web and help us to develop a strategy to maximize both your site’s presence and reach across your current market.

Targeted Leads List

Outside of our online lead-generation platforms, we can provide you with targeted leads that meet the exact criteria of your target customer based on specifics such as age, geography, interests, net worth, home ownership, marital status and much more.

Email Marketing

Every business that wants to not only survive, but thrive in today’s competitive markets must have an efficient email marketing program.  With so many options to choose from it can be overwhelming to select the right service, let alone have the time to set it up and actually deploy your first campaign.   Our team of experts will set-up your email marketing program, integrate it into your current website, design the email layout, write the content based on your criteria, and even manage your list for you.

Social Media Automation

As the Web 2.0 community continues to grow and social media sites continue to develop, it’s essential that your business has a presence across these platforms.  It is a full time job in itself to manage all of your social media which is why many companies will hire a Social Media Manager for $70,000 per year!  Our Social Media Specialists can automate all of your social media accounts to post the content of your choice on a set schedule so you can have the free time you need to continue growing your business.

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