Corporate Development

Our Corporate Development Division is comprised of experienced professionals with backgrounds rooted in communications, operations, management, sales, marketing and technology, providing Daniels & Co. with a diversified knowledge base to contribute towards client strategy.


Start-Ups are what our firm was built on, helping entrepreneurs and budding companies grow to their maximum potential by implementing a number of techniques that we have developed and refined over the years.  Starting and growing a company is extremely difficult which is why most businesses fail before their third birthday.  At Daniels & Company, we believe that proper planning combined with strategic execution, any company can launch and stay on the path to growth above and beyond their expectations.

Existing Business

For existing successful businesses that have a track record of profitability and are looking to go public, Daniels & Co. has partnered with Charms Investments, Ltd., one of the country’s leading M&A Advisory Firms to help you navigate through the process of making your debut on the capital markets.

Investor Relations

We specialize in working with established companies that have a market cap under $1 billion as well as start-up companies that have recently made their debut on the public exchanges.

  • IR Content Creation- Pitchbooks, PowerPoint Presentations, etc.
  • Event Planning- Road Shows, Press Conferences, Investment Conferences, etc.
  • IR Strategy Development- Full planning with executive management and board of directors for iterative implementation.
  • Analyst + Fund Targeting- Buy-side and sell-side outreach.
  • Corporate Communications- Dedicated IR contact to manage company inquiries.
  • Advisory Services- Management, Capital, + Strategic advisory provided by leading M&A Consulting Firm, Charms Investments Ltd.

We’ve partnered with NASDAQ OMX to access the same information and analytics used by institutional investors and analysts.  Our database exceeds 500,000 journalists, media contacts, and PR professionals which we can filter by industry to target the exact audience you want.

Our IR Advisory Services deliver a comprehensive view of trading and investor activity to help you:

  • Understand institutional fund flows and the sector drivers impacting your shareholders and industry peers.
  • Know the true holdings of institutional investors in your company.
  • Identify and prioritize the investors you should be attracting.
  • Monitor and analyze daily trading activities of institutional investors.

To learn more about our IR services, see "Investor Relations - What We Do".


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