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Top Design Firm Daniels & Co. Invites U.S. Private Equity Funds to Talk Business

New York, NY, April 09, 2015 –(PR.com)– Daniels & Co., a New York-based technology firm specializing in corporate development and creative solutions, has assembled a new team to service the needs of private equity funds. The company has already produced incredible digital work for members of the financial industry, including M&A advisors and investment banks as well as SEC compliant web design for public companies.

The new team will be led by company Vice President, Anthony Licausi who has 18 years of programming and design experience and was ranked “Top 30 Under 30” for his work in technology and communications. Regarding his new role, Anthony said, “I’ve really enjoyed working with financial professionals because I worked in the industry for some time and I’m still very passionate about investing and crunching numbers. I speak their language and there’s a mutual level of understanding that typically doesn’t exist between money managers and computer geeks.”

In addition to their creative solutions, the Corporate Development Division at Daniels & Co. has proven to be an asset to a number of executives and companies. The success behind the strategies lies in leveraging existing contacts within the financial industry to facilitate transactions and close new deals.

The company believes by assisting private equity firms and their portfolio companies with creative digital and technology solutions, they can simultaneously add to their existing contacts and provide additional value through the introduction of deal flow. Daniels & Co. is also in the process of building a private network to provide their corporate clients with a place to connect with their banking, M&A, and fund clients.

When a private equity fund makes an investment or an acquisition in a new company, there are typically changes that occur- whether the company is adding a new product or service or changing members of their management team, this new data needs to be reflected in their digital presence. The creative team at Daniels & Co. will focus on working with these funds to make the necessary changes to their portfolio companies websites and social media as well as crafting any public relations material. From presenting ideas to the company board of directors to successful execution and implementation, Daniels & Co. will work with your firm every step of the way to ensure satisfaction on all levels.

To learn more about how Daniels & Co. can work with your firm, please contact Anthony Licausi, V.P. of Corporate Development at +1.646.930.4467 or by email at Anthony@dcodevelopment.com.

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