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Advanced Market Research Services

Market Research is an integral component of every R&D process, allowing you to identify personal preferences by demographics and refine your product/service for your target market.

This new “market intelligence” paves the way for success in your:

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Product Messaging
  • Product/Service Pricing
  • Product and Graphic Design

Step 1

Our Market Research Unit will create a custom survey based on specific questions designed in a collaborative effort between us and your company and define targeting using 10 demographic traits (ie: age, gender, income, education, etc).

Step 2

Increase targeting using over 2000 tags to filter survey panel members down by specific preferences creating highly detailed profiles (ie: 30 year old females that use an iPhone and own a Boston Terrier).

Step 3

Distribute your survey to over 20 million possible participants with a 72-hour turn around time for your results. However, as you increase targeting tags you decrease the amount of participants but we can maintain a specific percentage quota for your results regardless (ie: 45% male and 55% female, etc).

Step 4

Upon completion of our campaign, you will receive a detailed report in either PPT, CSV or XLS format.  We will assist you in analyzing your survey data and design a “pre-flight” program to integrate into your business strategy moving forward.

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